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Phil Harding collects quotes and quotations. This has been during and since his former official role working for HM Government on environmental and sustainability themes writing speeches etc. for Ministers. Phil has used them for his own presentations, articles, books, promotional material, and editing websites - and freely shares them with you here.

Find literally 100s of inspiring quotes & quotations on these subjects (click on link/image):-

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Comments received from users of quotes corner

"Quotes Corner" receives many 100s of visits daily from across the world. Here are some of the comments received:

some of the most inspiring quotes that I have seen
- Consultant, East Sussex

a great additional resource
- Eco Publisher and Campaigner, London

an excellent source of quotes. I shall be regularly digging into this resource
- Sales & Marketing Manager, Exeter

such a great place to be
- Local radio station presenter, Buckinghamshire

some interesting quotes there I shall use
- leading sustainable business entrepreneur, South Africa

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